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Are these Subaru EJ25 crankshaft clearances ok?

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Starting to get into blueprinting engines and have a old EJ255 I want to rebuild "on a budget"

I have a set of standard bearings installed in the case halves, bolted them up to spec and the clearance's I measured up are;

#1 - .055mm/0.002

#2 - .050mm/0.0019

#3 - .050mm/0.0019

#4 - .040mm/0.0015

#5 - .040mm/0.0015

The manual states that 0.01mm - 0.03mm are spec - mine are a bit out - would you still run the engine at clearance's?

What are the draw backs? - assuming reduced oil pressure and reduced overall engine life, as things wear the clearance's will get bigger.

I don't expect it to last as long as a brand new engine but would expect still a bit of life from it.

Subaru engines need a little thought because the cases tend to grow a little at operating temperature and hence the clearances become looser. I normally aim for a maximum of 0.0015" and would not be comfortable with a clearance measuring up at 0.0019-0.002". One of the problems with running looser clearances is that you will lose oil pressure which is so critical in these engines.