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Bleeding Lifters on 4G63. Getting conflicting info.

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I wanted to see if anyone has experience bleeding Evo 8 hydraulic lifters. I've researched this topic and I'm getting conflicting views on what "bleeding" the lifters actually means. I'm running the GSC Zero Tick Lifters and the manufacturer instructs you to submerge the lifter in a cup of oil, pump it gently until all of the air is out and filled with oil, then the lifter should be fully extended and not able to be pushed in by hand. However, every other thread, Youtube video, and comment that I've seen regarding the subject instructs to do the exact opposite. They instruct to bleed all of the oil out of the lifter and install them while they're squishy.

Here's the sources that I'm referring to. Does anyone have any feedback on this and would there be any danger in installing them fully extended? Thanks!

GSC's Extended Instructions: https://www.power-division.com/how-to-bleed-your-zero-tick-lifters.html

Other Squishy Instructions at 19:00 minutes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76t7ZUpHQOU

Hi Michael,

I would follow the instructions from the manufacturer, I have done it this method before but have also fitted them with just assembly lube/engine oil, this doesn't cause damage (same as starting the engine after it being sat for a year for example) but isn't best practice, it would be slightly noisy on fire up and then quieten down as oil pumps around.

I would follow the instructions you have as this is best practice.

Hope that helps

I called GSC and they confirmed that their instructions are correct. Thanks for the feedback!

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