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Blown Turbo Header Gasket

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Hi there,

I have a curious question on how some of the high horsepower car use to seal the turbo header to the engine head. I have a blown gasket and has already replaced the gasket more than four times. I use the OEM quality from Japan for my Daihatsu YRV engine which is a MLS stainless steel gasket.

What would be the cause of a blown turbo header gasket? As for every gasket replacement, i would make sure that the surface of the turbo header is flat and torque back to OEM spec.

For Engine Spec.

Daihatsu YRV K3-VET 1.3L Turbo

Turbo using hybrid. Compressor using TD04HL-13G, Turbing housing still maintaining P11 IHI VQ41 but using TD04HL turbine wheel. Running on 1.3 bar boost.

Custom turbo header, short length.

Exhaust piping 2"


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Hi there,

How are you ensuring that both mating surfaces are both flat? have you got a brace to help support the weight of the turbo?

Hi Brandon,

I’m able to sure that the turbo manifold is flat since I’ve sent to machinery to skim the surface. For the head side, just able to check with metal ruler and it is flat.

I don’t have a brace yet. Is it necessary as the turbo is not that big.

It's possible your header flange is a bit thin - I usually recommend 1/2" or 12 mm material as it's less prone to flex. As Brandon suggested, a turbo brace is also recommended as there is a lot of load placed on the manifold between the turbo and manifold weight as well as the exhaust front pipe etc. Have you got a flexible coupling in the exhaust by any chance?

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