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bore gauge/micrometer

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has anyone used these micrometers before

as well as this bore gauge

if so how did they go? i need to check over a bottom end why i have it apart and am having a hard time justifying buying something like mitutoyo when i will not be using them to make money and will probably not get used a whole lot


the bore gauge is in 0.0005 increments

I've actually owned that particular bore gauge before and found it to be excellent. Most of the proform product I've owned has been great value for money and reasonable quality.

i have noticed that the 2 inch is just to big to measure my big ends in the rb30.

have u used fowler or heard much about them? i just found this in aus its the only one i can find that will do under 2 inch and still do 6 inch.

is 0.0005 going to be accurate enough for bores,big ends and mains sorry for the 100 questions just trying to not end up with a pos or is there any that you would recommend?