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CA18DET crankshaft selection

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Hi guy's, I am building a little CA18DET with a compound turbo setup. My question is regarding crankshaft selection, the std crank and rod gives a rod to stroke ratio of 1.59 with a displacement of 1809cc. If I go to a stroker crankshaft the rod too stroke ratio drops to 1.51 but increases the engine size by 110cc to 1919cc. With both std stroke and the stroker crankshafts being forged which option would be beneficial, to either run the 1809cc with 1.59 rod to stroke or 1919cc with a 1.51 rod to stroke. I would like to rev the motor as much as possible it will also have Pauter alloy rods and will most likely be running on methanolThere might not be much difference in between the two options I just would like to get any opinions as the forged crankshafts are quite costly. Hope this makes sense. Thank you in advance for your time.

Hello i would personally be going with the stroker crank you will find it will rev the same 9500-10000 no problem and you have the extra cubes to help with bottom end power

Thank you for your answer, greatly appreciated 👍

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