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Choosing turbo and intercooler size

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Firstly, I am sorry for my English

I am going to upgrade a Nissan Navara diesel engine on off road chassic . Stock engine is 172Hp and I want to make it reach 270 hp .

I would like to need some advices about choosing turbo and intercooler size so that engine can reach my expect 270hp. I plan use stock ECU and remap it .

Thanks for advices

Sorry it's not an engine I'm very familiar with so I can't advise from personal experience. You may be best to start by looking for some enthusiast forums where people are modifying that particular engine and see what turbos are popular choices. It's always nice if you can find someone who has dyno results already as turbo sizing still involves a little trial and error even when you've gone through and done all the math. You may also want to check out our webinar which covers a lot of info relating to turbo sizing -

What Andre said -better to learn from other people's mistakes and avoid them, than make them yourself ;-)

I'd also suggest having a good think about what you'll be expecting from the engine and how the vehicle'll be used.

By that I mean something being used for severe off road conditions may benefit from more mid-range torque than pure power, as such, which comes in at the top of the rpm range. Similarely, an automatic may be able to use a larger turbo' in open road and/or steep incline work and/or towing because it may be under constant load through gear chaning whereas a manual may drop off spool and struggle to get back on at times.

You will also need to consider the rest of the vehicle as that is going to be a substantial increase in torque for the clutch/transmission to handle, heat for the cooling system to handle and, if you use it, for the brake and suspension systems to control. Oh, and you may need to upgrade the fuel system.

The Navara has been sold with various diesel engines, which engine identificatian has yours?