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CNC machined Cam Caps for r26dett

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Hi, I have an rb26 head, has cam caps from another RB series engine, when I put them on the head, they are sitting little offset like 0.2mm you can feel the cutout when touched by fingertip.

So, I am planning to make new cam caps. Already designed 3d model, just wanted to know what will be the best material to use over here/

I have stock of 6061 aluminum and also stock of aluminum bronze.

someone suggested aluminum magnesium silicate, what you guys suggest or can I buy cam caps from nissan or aftermarket company off the self?

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You should NEVER, EVER swap caps, or move them around from their original location - the bores are line bored and each cap is going to be slightly different and so clearances are going to be different. You may even get the camshaft to turn, but it will seize on you.

I can't find anything with a quick search, but missing or, more commonly, damaged 'caps seems to be a common problem so I would expect something to be available - have you tried the Nissan/Datsun and RB forums, as i expect they're going to know what's available.

6061 (T?) should do the job but you need to be precise as they have to be correctly aligned when being bolted down - and on that, you WILL need to have both tunnels aligned honed - no shortcuts there.

When all is taken into account - time, material, aligning - you may even be better off using it for parts and buying a new/used head instead.

thank you very much, sir. appreciate your time.

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