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Cometic Headgasket Coolant Holes and Torched reasons?

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First off, 450hp RB25 Neo, using a 2.5mm Cometic headgasket (9.5:1 CR due to 26 internals)

- I noticed the these headgaskets have a very small hole for coolant passages and i noticed my intake side of the pistons to be totally clean of combustion and i burnt Cyl 6 intake side all the way to the coolant hole. So im wondering if im getting higher temps on the intake side and hence my burnt headgasket. Was thinking that maybe i could make another hole to pass more coolant on the intake side but i have zero knowledge there.

- Also, tipically, when a MLS headgasket burns a side and cracks the MLS layers, what are the common reasons? High temps, Detonation, ARP studs loosening? just wondering what to keep an eye out since i can only think that a small sudden acceleration lean condition helped the HG get burned.