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Connecting Rod Balancing Fixture

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I purchased rod balancing fixture, but the adapter for the big end of the rod is too big and won’t fit the rod. Any suggestions on what I can do? do? These are 4g63 rods. If you take a look at the attached pic you can see.

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What brand is the tool? You should be able to purchase a variety of arbour (?) mountings for the big end there.

Failing that, a decent machinist should be able to turn down either that adaptor, or machine one from scratch if you want to keep the one you have.

I'd just get a competent machinist to turn that adaptor down to suit. It's probably quicker and cheaper than sourcing one from the supplier. The fixture we have which looks identical, was supplied with two adaptors.

It’s a proform fixture. I don’t see any optional adapters, so I’ll have to reach out to a machinist. Thanks!