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Cylinder deglazing

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I was wondering if anyone here had some experience with deglazing cylinder walls? From my research, they say 400 grit silicon carbide flex hones are what you want to use for chrome moly piston rings, such as what’s provided with my JE 2618 forged pistons. Before I spend the money, I was wondering if anyone knew whether 400 grit would be enough to remove the oxidized oil from the cylinder wall, or if I would need to remove it with something more aggressive and step up do the 400 grit afterwords? The engine was bored over, and rebuilt with all forged internals, but due to me not breaking in the engine properly, I have low compression, lots of blow by, and poor oil control. Any help would be greatly appreciate!

Thanks, Joey

2004 Ford Focus SVT (ST170) 2.0L Custom Turbo project

Hi Joseph, honing is something I leave to my machinist so I can't really advise here.