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damaged top of sleeve/bevel

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I got my stuff back from the machine last week and was installing my pistons and rods. I felt lots of resistance on the second piston so I stopped. Looking at the edge of the sleeve it looks like a small piece is missing and it’s not smooth and my finger nail catches. Assuming this is the reason why I’m unable to to get past the second ring is there anyway to fix this? I attached a photo.

Thanks :(

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Looks like i was able to ever so slightly file the mushroomed edge and popped the piston in.. Thank god..

It looks like the engine may have previously been suffering from quite severe detonation as this can leave the same sort of damage marks on the chamfer on the top of the sleeve. Ideally the machinist should clean this up since (as you've found out), it can make piston installation harder and you risk damaging your new rings. I'm glad you were able to clean up the damage and move on.