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Dropped Spring

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So I definitely maybe didn't drop two of my valve springs on the floor like a moron

They fell from about 4 ft or so off the ground. They do not appear to have any visual nicks or damage. Should these still be okay to run? I honestly started trying to find another set after it happened, but I can only get them shipped out in a few weeks, and I was hoping to have this engine done sometime next week.

What surface were they dropped on?

Concrete >__<

I fear I know the best answer lol.

I've already assembled the head. But if it really should be renovated then I'll do it. This is my second reassembly of this engine due to issues during first assembly (finanically motivated issues,) so I really wouldn't want another stupid failure this time around.

I would 'probably' use them if I couldn't find any signs of contact - but that's me...

If you're running them in a high stress environment - high lift cam's and/or high rpm, it may not be worth you taking the risk.

It's an entirely oem equivalent refresh, so definitely not super high stress. I was able to find some new still online though, so I just ended up buying another set. I ended up having some setbacks with my crank anyway, so I figured since I actually found a set, it was just worth it to get them anyway :p

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