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Eagle Crank vs Mitsubishi 4G64 OEM

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Hi there, the Title is pretty much my question.

I have most of my build all sorted and just about to procure all the bits, but have one final question to resolve.

I have a 4G64 Block and Crank to do a 2.4l build, do I reuse the stock 4G64 crank or do I get a Eagle 100mm crank?

I'm not chasing huge power, but after reliability, and originally always intended and budgeted to reuse the OEM crank.

But want to make sure I'm not saving money on the crank and ultimately making a silly decision.


I have been throwing used OEM 100mm crankshafts in all 4g64 engines I have put together providing they are in a good shape in the first place. It's capable of handling 900+ hp and this is what I'm running on my 4g64 enging making 700+ hp with 9.5 ET. In my opinion you can use your stock crank without any issues as long as it's within the oem specs and bearing clearances are right for target power level...

700-800 hp - no problem))

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Very easy)

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Thanks georg1970,

Thats great to hear, i see one of your photos with the oil squirters, do you machine the 4g64 block to take them?

Yes, i do. Not doing it myself but send blocks to a friend of mine who runs workshop with CNC machine...

Doesn't take much time to get it done

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I think my 4g64 block may already have some squirters in the bearing caps at the moment

I block them off on my blocks. They are better than nothing but not that efficient as piston gets oil spray only at BDC... I prefer to spend a little bit of money and afford for extra ensurance - to me it's pure logic: better to invest in efficient piston cooling than in engine overhauling later))

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