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EGT sensor position on VR6

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Looking for some opinions and info on placing the egt's on my vr6 turbo build, im making a custom manifold and due to the different port lengths im wondering if anyone has advice on either using the distance from the valve or sticking with the equal distance from the head?

Well, usually the choice is the hottest cylinder in the engine and the distance is as close as possible to the exhaust channel in the head. But if you have ECU that allows you individual fuel trims for each cylinder then it can be any cylinder with the same location.

Ahh i should have clarified but im doing individual cylinder egt's, so im looking at either doing all 6 an equal distance from the head or doing them equal distance to the valves...making them sit 3 offset to the other 3 in the manifold due to the differing port lengths, im not sure what would give me more reliable results

I believe that the difference in length wouldn't be critacal to introduce any significant change in temperature readings since we are talking about 1or 2 inches maximum. Do you know the difference in ports length?

I cant remember the difference in distance from the port of the top of my head, from the research ive done i think im going to go with equal distance from the head

My experience is that the depth that the sensor is mounted into the exhaust flow makes a bigger difference than a couple of cm's in variance of the positions of the sensors from the valves.

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