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EJ20 forward facing Intake

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i got asked if i could get my hands on an aftermarket intake manifold. the customer requested that the throttle faced straight forward instead of facing up like the stock intake.

Also: is there any advantage in having a bigger plenum volume when running a Group N restrictor in the Turbo?

currently has a reversed stock intake.

Rally Car , Group N specs , EJ20 , Blobeye

Don't know - could it be some misconception about a "ram affect"? It could be (s)he's seen something like that on another car and thinks it is cool, or as sometimes happens, someone sees a some sort of trick part on a vehicle and thinks "I want that" even though it may be incompatable for their particular application - sometimes referred to as "Monkey see, monkey do" tuning. I would ask the owner if there is any particular reason for the request and/or if (s)he has a suggestion. Oh, and I would also check the legality if it is still expected to run under Group N, as that can be a bit of a minefield.

This is a moderately informed guess, so take it with some scepticism. A larger plenum may give a larger reserve of pressurised air for the cylinders to draw from, which may reduce possible pressure fluctuations around the runner openings and so improve cylinder filling. It may also reduce the peak manifold pressure the turbo' is working against and maximise the lower, improving efficiency. However, it may also dampen throttle response which may not matter so much with forced induction. Anyone?

its more of a practicality i gues , the pipe now makes a weird angle and allmost hits the bonnet

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