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EJ20G single catch can

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I've been looking at getting a radium competition catch can for my ej20G rally build. I don't want to do an AOS so I was wondering if I can just use a tee for the crankcase breather and valve covers since the catch can is single entry while deleting the pcv valve. Thanks

I'd be a little careful if the catch can only has a single inlet. Normally you'd want two inlets - one for the crank case breather and one for the PCV. If you tee these together then you may end up restricting the breather airflow which in turn can end up pressurising the sump.

I have a single catch can setup on my EJ motor.

PCV Deletes/Blocked - Crankcase breather do one of the inlets on the can, both valve covers T'd and then in another inlet of the catch can.

The catch can vents to atmosphere - I am using a "compact" style mishimoto one, while I have not had any issues, but does play on my mind if the catch-can is able to "vent" enough under load.