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EJ257 AVCS Delete

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I'm in the process of swapping an EJ257 (dual AVCS) into an 07 OBXT (single AVCS).

I've done some research on several forums and watched a few YouTube videos that discuss the process of deleting the exhaust AVCS on EJ257 engine to make it compatible with single AVCS platforms such as the WRX and Outback which only have AVCS on the intake cams/gears.

My understanding is that you can either swap over non AVCS exhaust cams and cam gears OR you can swap over only the non AVCS cam gears and rotate 2 teeth counter clockwise to compensate for the exhaust AVCS cam timing and use an AVCS delete kit (from iatuning.com) to tap and plug the 4 oil passages in the AVCS exhaust cam.

Can anyone confirm if this is the entire process or am I missing any more information?

I'm going to continue researching but any advice or experience would be appreciated. Thanks.

While swapping cams and gears is the more optimal solution, leaving what you have as is can be done. The cams are going to sit near centerline because the solenoids won't be plugged in.

Leaving the solenoids unplugged will result in the cams being driven to their rest (most retarded on the inlet, most advanced on the exhaust) as they need oil pressure to be feed to the drive side of the actuator to move, and by default an AVCS solenoid that is not being driven will default to feeding the rest side of the actuator, holding the cams against their rest stops. I would keep the solenoids in place to maintain oil flow through the actuators if they are being left in place.

I haven't heard of the advancing the exhaust cam gears though.

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