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Engine break in with out a dyno

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Hi, so ive got a 2015 camaro ss 6.2liter 6speed manual with the ls-3. I just completed the rebuild on it with a 418 stroker kit. I fired it up, no probloms. This is my first biuld and did not educate my self on proper break in. I ran across the break in webinar , but not before i had taken it out on the road. I went less then 20 miles and kept the rpm under 4000. Do you think that could efect any thing negatively. The car still needs tuned and still needs an idle tune. I need to finish the break in properlynow that i know, and if i didnt already screw somthing up. Im worrid abot my rings setting properly. Is it to late for that. One more thing i dont bave access to a dyno, can i perform the break in neutral so the rings set.

You need load to seat the rings. Running the engine in neutral won't do that. You would be better driving up hills in a high gear dragging your foot on the brakes a bit.

You say you don't have access to a dyno, but there are thousands of dynos in the US. Ask around, I bet they are there, you just haven't found them yet. Tell me where you are located and I'll try to help you find one.

Im in castle rock colorado. I think there might be a dyno in parker the next town over, but i havnt checked. My other question if we find one i should be all right driving my car there shouldnt i. Forgive my ignorence but im just getting in to this and been doin it on my own thanks for responding

You can certainly drive the car there, or you could rent/borrow a trailer and tow it.

You aren't that far from Denver, where there are several dyno shops. I have worked with these guys who are top notch:


And here's some more:



I found this list also:

Aurora / Parker:

MAC Autosport: 6268 East Pine Lane, Parker, CO 80138 / 303-841-1542 / Dynojet, AWD

Boulder County:

Super-Rupair: 1309 Yarmouth Ave, Boulder, CO 80304 / 303-442-6508 / Dyno Dynamics, AWD, load-bearing

Colorado Springs:

Dynowerx / Joule: 2301 E. Platte Place, Colorado Springs, CO / 719-577-9577 / Dynocom, 2WD


CarZ Custom: 7895 W. 14th Ave, Denver, CO 80215 / 720-214-5095 / SuperFlow, AWD, load-bearing, boost sensor

Dyno-Pro: 5330 Tennyson Street, Denver, CO 80212 / 303-455-2443 / Dynojet, 2WD

ImportSports Performance: 7667 E. Iliff Ave Unit I, Denver, CO 80231 / 303-752-2422 / Dynojet, 2WD

S&S Automotive: 8500 E. Warren Ave. Denver, CO 80231 / 303-750-2808 / SuperFlow, 2WD

Here's another dyno in Parker:

Autos West

6620 North Pinewood Drive

Parker, CO 80134

(303) 660-9986

O wow thanks dave that helps out alot thank you so much.

I went to high school and college in Colorado. I was working in the Denver Tech Center (but living in Boulder, but thinking about buying a lot in Castle Pines to build a house), when I moved to California in 1995. My brother currently lives in Lone Tree, so I'm familiar with the area.

Nice. Ya i figured you had some roots up here. I graduated douglas county in 93. They actually had a big car show in castle pines yesterday. I didnt make it becouse j was working on the car. Got a few things to do to get it ready for the dyno. I think its dyno pro, but they have a cool biusness modal. They actually rent there dynos by the hr. But i think you do your own tuning. I just dont know enough about tuning to be comfertable thats why i joined hp acadamy, i just havnt had time to dive into these classes. But. I can tell when i do im gonna learn alot and learn the right way.