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Currently i have a 4g63t evo4, i am looking for cable throttle body convert into electronic throttle body. Anyone can share their ideas and advice?

G'day Jacky.

I'm not aware of any electronic throttles that will bolt to the flange pattern used on the EVO 4 intake manifold directly. Doesnt mean there isnt one, but you might have a few hours of google image searching and asking for measurements to figure one out.

If you can, go for a throttlebody off a common car, as it'll be supported out of the box by more aftermarket ECU manufacturers. The control loop that runs the throttle needs to be tuned, and this is something that the ECU manufacturer usually does. If the throttlebody you've chosen is common (I'd be looking at BMW ones) there is a good chance it'll be supported already.

You will need a throttle pedal that has position sensors, it could most likely come out of the same car the throttlebody came from. The pedals have two sensors on them, which output throttle position in different ways. This is for redundancy, so the ECU can confirm the requested throttle position is correct. Its very important. It's common in racing to adapt linear potentiometers for this task, but you need two, and they need to be setup with different transfer functions, so one might output 0V -> 5V, the other 4.2V -> 1.8V, for example.

You'll also need an aftermarket ECU that is capable of driving an electronic throttle!

As you can see, it can be a pretty big job. What are your goals for switching to an electronic throttle?

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