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Recently swapped a 7 bolt evo 2 4g63 and some Work Emotion xd9 for my built 6 bolt Vr4 4g63.

I Pulled the rocker cover off just to gauge how clean/how often the oil was changed etc..

I noticed two arp head studs sitting around 10mm higher than the rest. Due to hydro lock inside the block/under the stud or the stud backing out when torqued down maybe im unsure.

Does anybody think this could cause a clamping issue?

If so, how would you handle it?

car will be run on stock evo 3 ecu, 560 inj, 609 maf obviously making factory power.. for now.

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They can't just 'back out'. I don't know if it was a case of two studs being longer for some reason, or them not being screwed in properly - or something else.

Perhaps one of the Mitsi' gurus can comment?

Never seen ARP bolts backing out nor herd of it... Perhaps they were not screwed all the way down from very beginning...

PS I'm not a guru but have seen quite a few mitsu and Toyota engines with ARP bolts...