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FD3S DBW with Haltech 2500. Looking for pinout

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Hi, I’m doing a DBW conversion using an RX-8 throttle body and RX-8 pedal. I’m looking for a pinout or wiring guide and can’t seem to decipher the factory service manual diagrams. Any help would be great.

Why don't you share the factory service manual diagrams, and we will help you decipher them.

Here’s what I was able to find. A couple of diagrams from the FSM, a pinout someone made on the Link forum for the TB, but no pedal, and the Haltech wiring diagram. I’ve got everything wired up to the correct pins on the Haltech harness but am unsure about the pinout on the TB and pedal. When I try to calibrate it the TB gets stuck on step 1 but does open and close, and the pedal does nothing.

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I think you should try Pedal-A to Haltech 5V (Conn A-9), Pedal B to Haltech Signal Ground (Conn B-16), Pedal-C to Haltech AVI 5 (Conn B-20).

Now the App1 is likely Pedal-D=5V (Conn A-9), Pedal-E=Gnd (Conn B-16), F=Signal (Haltech AVI 4 - Conn A-2)

if that didn't work, I would try D=Signal, E=Gnd, F=5V.

You should be able to test the signal to see that if varies as the throttle pedal is moved.

Your first drawing is pretty clear on the TB wiring -- and it should be easy to test -- start by leaving off the motor connections, and verify the Position outputs produce voltage as expected as you move the throttle blade by hand.

thanks for your suggestions, David. I really appreciate it. I’ll see if this does the trick.