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Ford Focus/ Volvo 2.5 5cyl turbo crank endplay issue..

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Hi All,

I am currently rebuilding the above mentioned engine after a local guy had already rebuilt this very same engine which had done less than 1000 kms before leaking oil from the front crank seal. This issue ended up indicating that something in lower bottom had gone very wrong, infact upon opening the sump it was obvious that the engine has destroyed the thrust washers completely till a point where the crank webs ended even striking againt the block body itself.

After doing some research, I ended up thinking that the culprit for this issue was one of the following or perhaps all of these:

1. oil 5w 30 for breaking in the engine.

2. aftermarket uprated clutch ofcourse harder clutch cover.

3. excessive foot pressure on clutch from driver.

The one that still worries me mostly is the clutch related, the clutch infact was already running on this engine prior to this rebuild which I had installed infact myself before the local guy rebuilt this engine, by the way the engine was being rebuilt just to include a set aftermarket pistons and rods, thatis it was runing fine with this clutch prior to last rebuild....

looking for any recomendations and or discussions...



Hi Steve how dod you get on with this ?

it does not sound like a clutch issue to me more likely a assembly issue i would think

Regards Ross

I would agree. I would suspect incorrectly fitted thrust washers - 3 piece or single? - or cap they're fitted at, or failure to adequately lubricate the thrust washer on assembly - more an issue with the damn-fool interlocks that require the clutch to be depressed before the engine will crank!

A more strongly sprung pressure plate will load the bearing more, but it would have to be a heck of alot to have caused that failure.

During the pull-down inspection, check the main and big end bearings carefully, they may indicate if there was an oil supply issue.