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Fuel pressure regulator

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Hi everyone,

What fuel pressure regulator do you recommend? it is for an old 3.0 cc 6 cylinder Opel engine, with 257cc injectors and 3bar pump.


Is there a reason the stock regulator won't work?

Right now I have the pressure on ramp at 2.8 bar. the same pressure with the regulator tube connected or disconnected.

If I apply vacuum to the regulator, the pressure does not change either.


I've had good luck regulators and filters from Fuelab and Aeromotive brands. You should be able to get them someplace like Demon Tweeks in the UK.

do you know the brand "sytec"? it's easier for me to get it.

when in the specifications they talk about 1:1 or 1:2, what do they mean?


I'm sure that will work fine. The rising rate (2:1) regulators will increase the fuel pressure as boost rises, this was an old-school method of adding a turbo and not tuning the ECU (just change the fuel pressure to go with the boost). If you are using a stand-alone ECU, or even an OEM ECU that you are re-flash tuning, you should not need this and would want the standard 1:1 regulator, with the port plumbed to the manifold where the injectors spray.

okay, I understand.

I'll try the one I told you about.

Thank you very much for the answers


I would also check to make sure that the diaphragm used in the regulator is compatible with alcohol based fuels.

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