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GTRLink - NGTRX with Innovate ECB-1

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I've got an R33 GTR with a 1000awhp capable motor coming. I ordered a new engine harness from wiring specialties and ordered the link Can / Lambda O2 sensor. With the Link ECU, that setup shouldn't be an issue.

But I recently found out about the Innovate ECB-1 and for about the same price as the link O2 sensor, I can get ethanol content %, ethanol temp, O2, boost and vacuum and a visible gauge.

I like to think that this stuff is somewhat standard but thought i'd check with people who know far more than me.

Thanks in advance!

Hello there is a downside as these are analog and not CAN so they are slower and also may not read correctly to the ECU as you will always have a voltage offset the flex fuel sensor is not inc in the kit so you will still need to buy that, I personally would stick to the link can lambda and ethanol sensor which also has the fuel temp inside, that way you will get better data logging and far better lambda control

Regards Ross

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