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Help finding/identifying a fitting

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I am working on my 1994 Mercedes SL600 and am making a bunch of changes and redoing lines. I want to use the original oil cooler.

The threads on it (note these are not removable fittings) are male M22x1.5, with a 30 degree inverted flare.

I can not find a fitting to attach to this (female inverted flare M22x1.5)

Any ideas on where I could get a fitting like this? Ideally I want to adapt it to AN, I have AN lines coming from the engine.

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Have you considered modifying the cooler by welding on AN-Male fittings?


Alternately, you might have someone with a lathe make you adapters that would use O-Rings on the metric side.

I was about to suggest the same thing.

What size are the hoses and fittings you're planning to use - you may be able to turn down a 22x1.5 fitting to use as a securing nut on an AN fitting with a shouldered, tapered AN nipple fitting.

If there is any heavy industry near you there should be a hydraulic shop, I would take it to them for a look at what options you have. Having worked in both heavy industry and high accuracy laboratory work, I think I'm bias to sticking with either proper high pressure fittings and lines or swagelok style stuff for small diameters. Not big on hand assembled AN lines with aluminium fittings.

I dont have a welder so thats why I didnt consider that option. Perhaps I should find someone to do that for me, as that would seem like the best way to do it.

Visiting a hydraulic shop could be a good option. I did want to stick to hand assembled fittings for the most part, to allow me to easily redo things as my car is always changing. Also didnt want to invest to heavily into fitting crimping tools.

Alternatively, I was thinking I could use a M22x1.5 straight coupler (just a long nut, nothing inside it) with some thread sealant, then I could screw a standard M22x1.5 O ring to AN fitting into the other side. I am not sure if that would be a bad idea prone to leaks though.

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