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High Performance Clutch Kit vs LSD

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If someone has budget constraints, and can only afford either "High Performance Clutch Kit" or a an LSD, which one would the experts suggest to first go for? The other item can be installed later after a couple of months.

I want to know which is more important amongst the two?

If the current clutch is holding the torque of the engine, then I would install the LSD, assuming that it was a quality LSD.

As Steven said, if the clutch is holding the engine torque without issues, why spend money on it that isn't needed - fit the LSD. I assume you actually have a need for one?

If the clutch is marginal, or you expect to increase the engine torque to a point where it may slip, you should replace the clutch*.

*I would add that not all "High Performance" kits are the same - some are not much better than OEM, others will use a puck or lining that doesn't include a marcel spring to allow smoother engagement, some will use a solid hub where a sprung one is much more pleasant to use and gentler on other components. Some will use a much higher clamping diaphram spring, which makes it significantly harder to depress the pedal. Do some research for what fits the torque output of the engine - allowing for any planned increases in the future - and how you will be using the vehicle.

We are not sure if the clutch will be able to hold. The engine comes stock with 125HP. We are aiming for 250HP. We do not know yet if it will be hold that much or will it slip? The Aftermarket one we can handle around 350HP.

So as per your advises, the person should first go for LSD and later upgrade the clutch?

In that case, with such a high percentage increase, I'd definitely be looking at the clutch first - unless I knew from others using the OEM, with similar torque levels, it definitely didn't have a problem. I'd be very surprised, though, if that was the case as they've usually only got a reserve capacity of 10-20%!

As an aside, I'm VERY suspicious when clutches are advertised as being good for XXX hp, when it's torque that makes them slip and two differently built engines could easily have the same power but 50+% difference in peak torque. The other thing clutches would be rated for is the maximum rpm they're safe for, might be referred to as 'burst' rpm, IIRC.

I couldn't find much information but from the vague information I have, the stock clutch can handle max upto 200HP of power with relatively very less amount of slippage.

Regarding the aftermarket clutch, it was rated for 350HP and 340NM of torque. I couldn't find any information about their maximum supported RPM

340Nm is 250 lbs.ft, that should be adaquate for your engine.

I don't think you need worry about the rpm rating - that's usually only a concern when turning a LOT more than the OEM engine will do, and usually means steel flywheels, etc.

The primary reason to go for the clutch is it will allow you to use, and tune, the vehicle, which a slipping clutch would naturally prevent.

So basically replacement of Clutch Kit is advised first and then the LSD later on

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