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Material for cylinderblock

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I'm studying possibilities to build a billet block for Hayabusa engine.

Problem of using aluminum is obviously the softness and coating with Nicasil is pretty hard to get here in Finland. Bike runs with methanol, no water/coolant. Sleeving is not an option here, since cylinders are so close to each other.

Ready to use billet blocks are available from U.S, but I would like to ad some of my own features in it.

Cast iron would be one option, but can anyone recommend any better material?

Anything else I need to take account?

More backround info, if interested:

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I would say send your block to somewhere that does Nikasil, Googling "Nikasil in Germany" produced several likely places like this:


The billet blocks use sleeves, is there something unique that prevents you doing it to the OEM block?

I would suggest contacting the companies that already make billet blocks, and discuss with them the changes/additions you want to make.

They may be something they've already tried, and if not, they should be able to alter the machining process to match your requirments - at least they may be able to advise you.

It's expensive, but I'm a believer in letting others do the development work, where practical, as that's normally the really expensive part.

If you're determined to do it yourself then siamesed liners, where two liners are made in one piece, or off-setting the cylinders slightly - especially if the crank is custom made, may be other options.

Forgot, if you're going to that extent, another possible option would be to have custom pistons made to a slightly smaller bore - that way you could have thicker liners for strength and run more boost to compensate.

Sounds like a cool project, if you could keep us updated?