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Mitsunishi evo 4g63 stock engine max power

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I start to build my race car mitsubishi evo 1 rs cd9a model with 4g63 engine.

the engine is has stock internals and we import the car from uk with dyno 300 bhp and 300 bft torque with around of 1,2 bar boost ok .

we want to know how much maximum power and torque we can produce from stock 4g63 engine ( include stock turbo td05h !!!!!)

we need to upgrade the conrods bolts if up little the boost pressure like 1,3 -1,4 bar and the rpm 800rpm more the stock ??????

and if we do this how much power and torque can hold the 4g63 engine?

i want to keep stock engine we want power up to 350 -380bhp from stock engine

we already do the follow upgrades : we install balance shaft removal kit ,we remove the mechanical water pump and install electric water pump ..

we do this to win some power from the engine because the above's restrict power from the engine >>>>

and also we play on cars weight because the car mitsubishi evo 1rs is 1170 kg from the factory we remove all unnecessary parts and we keep only the most important and we think weight around of 1000 kg

what did you recommend

Not my thing, but some info' that might help those who can help would be...

What fuels are available to you.

What can you change - and what can't you? I understand some European countries have limits on what you can do to the engine/vehicle - or is it just that you want to see what a 'stock' engine can actually do?


Oh, get as much information and views as you can get - on-line Mitsi' forums and magazines are useful sources - as when it comes down to it, it will be your call and you who will be paying the bills if it all goes wrong...

hi sir and thank for reply

we can use 98 ron pump fuel and also race fuel like sunoco fuel 100 ron and up ....

just i want to keep the stock internals and i want to know the limits on power and trorque for stock internals !!!!!!!

With the early EVO engines it will be the stock TD05 that limits your maximum power. On our dyno the most I've seen with a stock turbo on pump gas was around 320-340 whp. A race fuel will allow a little more but the turbo starts to choke as you raise the boost.

The con rods are a weak point in the stock engine and con rod bolts aren't a bad idea if you're planning on running to a higher rpm. To be honest though when you factor in the cost of the ARP bolt kit plus machining to check and resize the big end journal where necessary, it's probably worth spending a little extra and fitting a proper set of aftermarket rods from the likes of Eagle. We've run Eagle rods to around 900 whp with upgraded ARP custom age 625 bolts.

The pistons are another weakness but these are actually surprisingly strong if you don't run the engine into detonation.

hi andre and many thanks for informations

please clear to me the follow:

1) stock turbo bar limit

2) stock engine bar limit

3) stock engine rpm limit

4) sstock engine bhp limit


What intake and exhaust are you using? Do you care about noise at all?

hi men

the car is for time attack use and hillclimb so the car is race car so we dont care about noise and legal law ....

about intake and exhaust because now we start to build the car so we dont finish the part of intake and exhaust .....

There are no absolutes unfortunately and a lot of what you will get away with depends on the history of the engine. Here's some guidelines but use them at your own risk and discretion:

1. On pump gas you're likely to be limited to around 1.5 bar. On race gas or E85 you will probably be able to make more power up to 1.8 bar or thereabouts. the dyno will tell you when the turbo is out of flow though.

2. Boost is not really relevant to engine strength. It's airflow or more specifically cylinder pressure that affects engine strength. 1.5 bar on a stock TD05 is very different to 1.5 bar on a GT4202 for example.

3. I've run a stock EVO1-3 engine to 8000 rpm with zero reliability issues. I wouldn't recommend going much higher but if you're using a stock TD05 you probably won't benefit from increasing the rpm much further.

4. It's very difficult to give you a specific power limit. Again it's not really power that is the limiting factor but cylinder pressure, so really it's midrange torque you need to be careful of. As an example one of my customers had an EVO 8 that they wanted to chase down the stock block EVO record with. We made 670 whp with that particular engine however we purposely detuned the boost and the ignition advance through the midrange to hold the torque down. This proved to be reliable even with stock pistons and rods.

ok adrew i understand so let me see what is the best for me ok thanks

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