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Hi guys

I am collecting parts to convert my Barra into XD Falcon conversion

The engine will be rebuilt and running Garrett GT4094R CRG T4 manifold

will also be upgrading to billet oil pump gears and Crow valve springs.

I have been looking at some stainless int & exh valves

Looking for recommendations on brands or if anyone has used Mace engineering


i cant help to much other than to say mace engineering have a very good reputation

Regards Ross

Thankyou for the reply Ross

The price from Mace is good

so I might go with their product

Seems like you're building a serious engine, not something I'm famiar with, but i would suggest you have an honest think about what you expect to end up running and build for that - cencentrating on the harder to reach parts first, rather than bolt-ons. You may be wise to do the rod/piston and studs bit before worrying about the top end, as the latter is easier to do and you will have the foundation to take the abuse power.

You may also need to have a good look-over over the transmission, etc - they may be OK for moderate levels, but if you're pushing it, you may need to rip it all out.

Basically overbuild for what you think you need at the moment - it cposts a littl emore initially, but generally a lot less than having to do it all over again.

'course, you could already have all that in mind.

Thank you for the reply

I am in new territory also but lucky to have a few friends with boosted cars and have been following other guys builds looking at what’s required.

I have been thinking about the rotating goodies probably going with Spool kit for that,just trying to get smaller bits and pieces as I am saving and spending abit at a time.

Items in the warchest I have already are Arp main & headstuds,billet oil pump gears,Crow valve springs,Turbosmart Fpr 1200 reg and 60mm gate,turbo is sorted too

IIRC, there was a series of videos HALTECH put out on modifying the Barra in stages - Ah, here you go -


Thankyou for that