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Need help with new Intake.

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Hey yall I have a sheet metal intake manifold that I would like to install on my 5th get camaro ss. Im not sure what all I need to do to get the fuel supplied to the rails and to have everything set up correctly for it. There are a few drilled and tapped holes in the bottom of the plenum that im not sure what they are for. Please help me figure out what I need to do to get this into the car. Appreciate the help

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It would help A LOT if you had given the manufacturer and model...

The drilled and tapped holes in the plenum base are for sensors, etc - such as the manifold pressure, temperature, etc.

Fuel rails could be metric or imperial, of different thread diameters and pitches - either check the manufacturer and any documentation, some use the bar scan codes to direct you to an on-line manual/guide if you don't have a hard copy. [edit] It tells you to do exactly that in the first picture, FFS! If you don't have those, you're going to need to take it to a hydraulic/auto'/hardware store to match them, if you don't have some fittings lying round you can match them to.

You don't say what you already have, you don't say what you expect to use it for - N/A, forced induction, power level, etc - and you don't seem to have much experience, so I'd suggest taking it to a reputable "tuner" and have them go over everything you're going to need for your specific build. Sure, it's going to cost, but it will usually be the cheaper option in the long run.

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