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Oil filter relocation Pros and Cons

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Hi there,

I would know your point about to move the filter from under the block to the back of the RH headlight on my Impreza GC8.

I like to do this for keep the filter cool (far from headers) and the possibility to use a bigger oil filter plus oil cooler... I'm trying to understand: could I have any problems about the oil pressure?


I don't see any issue with doing this as long as you use the appropriate size and type of hose. there is no cons

Hi Ross,

thanks for reply. I would use -12 hose size for relocation and too big?

Going to depend on your specific exhaust, but I'd just use a heat wrap on the exhaust. However, with well sized hoses and fittings (NOTE! Some fittings have a restrictive bore, but there are special fittings available with enlarged bores for performance applications), the pressure drop shouldn't be a significant problem - but use an oil pressure guage to monitor it!

The PRV should have enough headroom to accommodate a cooler but to be on the safe side I’d install a pressure gauge before, if the value is less post remote install I’d look at increasing pressure by shimming the PRV spring or replacing it with a stiffer unit.