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oil priming kits

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Looking for feedback on oil priming kits.

more so for a freshly built engine.

obviously a good oil/assembly lube has been used during assembly and caution taken to gain oil pressure before first start up.

But this has got me thinking is it worth while running oil pressure through the motor before i get to the point of first turn over?

Or is this more of a luxury item, as the unit is not cheap and i dont build motors all that often...

One of the motors in question is a rb25det (with hydro lifters)

In theory, it's a good idea, and with some engines it's relatively easy - dry sumped vehicles with external pumps and there are some engines with wet sumps that are driven by the cam belt off an auxiliary shaft which can be spun with the belt off using a drill and socket.

Some other engines it's a cheap aftermarket drive, or self made conversion of an old dissy, like several V8 engines.

In your case, I assume you're referring to one of the high pressure pumps that are connected to the oil filter housing inlet to force oil through the engine?

Personally, I'd be more concerned in making sure it was a scrupliously clean assembly, the bearings and other parts of the engine were assembled with suitable lubricants, and the oil-pump was greased (different folks have different preferences for what's used) so it can get suction without internal leakage.

If you used a good assembly fluid, everything was clean, I wouldn't bother using those kit.

Remove the spark plug, disconnect the CAS, crank the engine until you have oil pressure (in mutliple time so you don't burn the starter). Put back everything, fire the engine. Check for leaks, abnormal noise. Set base timing, and VE table, break-in the engine. Open the oil filter after the first oil change.

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