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Preliminary Testing Prior to Engine Install - Fuel, Coolant and Air Systems

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I'm about ready to install my newly built engine into my car, for what I hope is the last time, and I want to check over a few things beforehand.

For the fueling system - I'd like to check the fuel rail and injectors on the engine as one system, and also, the fuel surge tank as another. The surge tank system resides on the chassis as a modified 2 gallon fuel cell.

For the air system - I'd like to pressure test everything from the turbo inlet, to turbo outlet. I've pressure tested the intercooler system I've made, but realize I've not tested the fresh air anti-lag system, and intake manifold. I'm more concerned with system leaks, than outright pressure holding capacity at this stage.

For the coolant system, I've one of those vacuum fill coolant systems, and am of the impression I can just run a mild vacuum to the coolant system on the engine and check for losses after time has passed. Is that sufficient?

Can anyone share some guidance on how I'd go about vetting these systems before I put everything back in the car and then chase issues afterwards? The car is mid-engine and installing the engine/trans package is quite the task.

Thanks in advance for any council offered! Uploaded a pic of the project for reference.

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