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QuadSpark Ignition Module with Haltech Elite 2500

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Hi, so I am currently planning to use the QuadSpark Ignition Module from DIY autotune with the my Haltech Elite 2500 to power the 4 coils on a CBR F4i. I'm not quite sure if this is possible as QuadSpark requires a 5V logic signal from the ECU, but Elite 2500 says "Ground" on its ignition outputs based on the pin out diagram.

Does any one know if the Elite 2500 can output 5V logic signal as ignition signal?

Attached is my sketchy wiring diagram

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I hadn't heard of this unit before so my knowledge is limited to what I just read on the DIY Autotune product page, manual, and FAQ, which are limited to saying it only works with certain Megasquirt systems, and doesn't seem to indicate what the 5V signal looks like. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be enough info there to determine if you can replicate it sufficiently with your ECU, but from the info there I'd err on the side of it won't work and look for another solution.

M&W makes the Pro14 or 16 I use for this on 4,6 cylinders and they have always produced great reliable results so I've not strayed from them, but there may be a less expensive option that works just as well. Let's see if anyone else chimes in.

Thank you for replying. I believe it must be a 5V digital high signal coming out of the ECU as that is what will trigger the Bosch Transistors inside the QuadSpark.

I took a look at the M&W products but they only seems to offer coils and CDI ignition systems. What I am looking for is a transistor ignition control unit. Kinda like the one AEM and Haltech offers but ideally cheaper. But my backup plan is to just get the AEM one.

If you're wanting to keep cost lower, you might be better off with a smart COP setup you can trigger directly with an ECU and avoid the cost of an external driver.

The units you mentioned are already cheap in the grand scheme of things and I've not seen them prove reliable, so I'd be concerned if you try something even cheaper, it may not give you a positive result long term.

Would you consider an IGN1A coil, or R35 coil?

Did some research on IGN1A coils and they can definitely be an easy alternative. How do I connect the coil packs to the CBR plugs? Do I need special socket that extends down to the plugs? Also what brand do you suggest that has decent documentation?

I second guessed myself and deleted the post but I was right. Unless that module has a very unusual drive input the Haltech will drive it, if it isn't clear in the DIY documentation contact them to confirm drive sense/trigger edge. The haltech can set the pull up voltage at different levels and the trigger edge sense. It looks like a generic 4 channel module, could come out if the same factory as the Haltech ones.

The positive power to the coils should be from a fused, "Ignition power" switched relay. Module earth to chassis/engine block or both.


I don't think the ignition module is special. Based on their description it is basically just 4 BOSCH BIP373 transistors grouped together (Datasheet attached).

It is listed that it will take 5V logic level ignition outputs from the ECU which is the same output as other popular standalone ECU (AEM Infinity, MS3 pro, Speeduino...) So if I can make my Elite2500 to output 5V instead of 12V for ignition outputs I'm certain it will work.


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I would ask your Haltech dealer, or Haltech directly, if it will drive that particular unit and how you'd set the Haltech ECU to provide the appropriate 5V signal. Please let us know what you find out.

I asked Haltech and they said that the elite should be able to drive most common ignition modules. They’re not sure if the Quadspark will work or not.

My plan now is to just set the entire harness up and try it. Worst case I just get the Haltech Dumb 4 channel ignition module or 4 smart IGN COP coils

My first thoughts, having read the description of that module, is why do you want to use it? It's a solution looking for a problem, as the expression goes.

It appears to be a device allowing conventionally switched coils to be used on an OEM type ECU that uses a 5V trigger for it's specific ignition system.

The Haltech has options for running coils and/or exciters directly, so why not just use those?

Of course, I may be totally missing something - it happens :-)

Really? I’m not sure if Elite 2500 can drive coils that don’t have igniters directly. Maybe Nexus can. In the setup guide it says u still need to get separate ignition modules.

I totally agree that by doing this I’m giving my self some problems, but I happens to have it so might as well have it a shot.

It's not that hard, set the pullup in the software to 5v and get on with life, there is literally a screen shot of the haltech ignition page if you click the link I posted and scroll to the top, it's no different to buying the haltech ignition drivers. Very few ecus these days are set up to direct drive dumb ignition coils, even if one could I don't think I would put the current/heat load and inductive voltage spike through the ecu if I didn't have to.

I wish this is the case but I don’t think I can change it to 5V as there is no setting in NSP for that.

Also Haltech got back to me.

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Perhaps ask DIY Autotune if the unit will function with a 12V input, just in case, before moving on?

That's a good idea lol I don't know why I didn't just ask them.

But sadly, the answer is no :(

Are you sure you can't adjust the voltage?

Nope, not for Elite series ECU. You can do it for the Nexus series tho (R3 or R5). In Haltech NSP, the option for changing ignition signal voltage disappears if you choose any Elite series ECU.

This is the ignition setup page for Nexus R3:

This is for Elite 2500:


Thanks for reporting back! You've likely saved someone time in the future by posting your findings.

Np, my 2 options rn for this project are:

1. Buy HT-020006

2. Switch to Speeduino ECU as it has all the features I wanted and I don't have to take the ECU off of my car and swap into this setup

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