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RB Eagle Rods install direction

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Ive been wondering this, since its not commonly mentioned and a lot of info roaming around...

RB25 Eagle Rods, these rods dont have any direct indication of how they should be installed on the pistons. Ive read that you must place the bearing tangs to the exhaust side of the engine and locally ive been told the tangs go to the intake side. So its quite confusing.

Any input into how this really goes? And maybe a little bit of logic on why its done that way?

The theory is that the tangs should face the exhaust side as this side of the rod will be less heavily loaded during the power stroke and hence the bearings are better able to support the crankshaft. My personal opinion is that it is largely irrelevant and I've seen aftermarket rods installed in either orientation with no detrimental effects. For the sake of consistency however you want to obviously ensure that all your rods are installed in the same orientation.

A couple of exceptions here include a V8 where two rods share a common crank pin - You'll find one side of the rod has a chamfer on the big end and the other side is flat. The chamfer is designed to face outwards to clear the journal radius. You may also find some rods which have an oiling hole that's designed to spray oil on the thrust side of the bore so in this case orientation is important.

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