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RB25DET Noisy Lifters Sound

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Hello everybody

i just finished my engine rebuild

RB25DET 1st

CP Pistons

BC Rods

ACL Bearings

N1 Oil Pump

N1 Water Pump

HKS TO4Z Turbo

Tomei Poncam 256

Tomei Valve Springs

ID 1000cc Injectors

AEM V2 Ecu

running 1.2 bar of boost around 520whp

i have a problem with hydrulic lifters nosiy tick sound i use mobil one 0w40 oil

i dont change the lifters still the old one what i can do buy a new oem lifters or change the oil or bleeding the lifters

Some people have reported issues with hydraulic lifters with a larger cam profile, even if the poncam is quite mild. Did you happen to fit an oil restrictor in the block during your build? That is a potential issue if you're retaining hydraulic lifters. Alternatively it's possible that your lifters are in need of replacement. I'd definitely try an additive first to see if that gets rid of the problem. It's not a solution but may buy you some time and can help confirm the lifter is your issue. In the 4G63 we found the Proma MBL8 additive to be almost like magic - pour it in and within 30 seconds the engine would be silent.