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Rb25det start and stall

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Hi All,

I have a very weird problem i bought fm. Japan recently,.seller claim it has been runing for 20k km after rebuild and compression all across 170psi

Rb25det neo with rb26 cranke and psiton bottom end.

Can is very hard to start even it fire for 1 sec will stall instant.

I checked the compression agaun and it up as high as 200psi which is way more than a brand new rb25 should be(171psi)

The problem is after it fire, all injectors being force to stop working which i think is the compression being too high. When i take the CAS out and spine it to let it fire again. Injector releasing that pressure and make a pop sound. After spin it few more, injectors work again. Then i try start again. It did the same thing.

Anyone has any suggestion for what could go wrong? Would it be the exhaust side not open???cauing very high pressure inside to stop injectors to work? It has tomei 256 8.5L ex cam.

Hello the issue is nothing to do with compression it will be something else

some questions for you are what ecu is it running and can can you log it ?

Regards Ross

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