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RB26 Cam Degreeing & Piston to Valve Clearance with V-CAM

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Hi All,

Looking for some help on degreeing the Vcam and checking piston to valve clearance on the Rb26.

After completing the "how to degree a cam" course and several dry runs at degreeing my RB26 with stock cams and adjustable pulleys I have now gained enough confidence my technique is correct to continue with the V-Cam install.

I am now looking to install my HKS V-Cam and carry out cam degreeing with this set up along with checking PV clearance.

My thoughts are carry out degreeing as normal (unsure if I would require oil pressure to hold V-cam pulley in 0 degree position) then I would be required to advance the V-Cam its full 30 degrees (again I'm assuming pressure would be required along with activation of the control solenoid to rotate cam to the 30 degrees) then check PV clearance.

Can anyone shed some light on this process for degreeing and PV clearance on V-Cam?

Many thanks,


I don't have experience with that exact product, but I've fudged cam gear alignment on the timing belt to simulate cam phasing to check PV clearance on other applications. I start with a tooth alignment that doesn't simulate full phase to get an idea of how close it will be before testing at full phase, just to be safe.

Alternatively some people manually phase a gear by figuring out which port will phase it the direction you want, then blow regulated shop air through it.

Use extreme care during this sort of testing because some applications can also cause valve to valve contact.

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