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Hey so I'm in thr process of building a single cam 30 and I just have a few questions.

First being the torque specs for the crank girdle, still retaing factory bolts? I have looked around and got mixed answers. Thanks.

Second being piston ring positioning. I will attach the guide I used from the fundamentals course below. I am just curious to the idea behind the top compression ring having its gap on the thrust side of the engine?

And third, I have a spool spline driven gear set fitted to my crank. I have heard you need to check the clearence for the pump gears?? I just want to know where am I checking this clearence and what clearences are acceptable. Thanks.

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With the stock bolts I'd suggest finding a Nissan workshop manual for the engine and using that for your torque specs. The important part with the rings is really to start with the ring gaps 180 deg apart. Since the rings will still rotate in operation, this isn't going to remain in the exact position you set them statically.

Sorry i haven't used the spool pump so you'd be best to enquire with them directly for the most accurate advice.