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RB30/25DET street/drift cam choice

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Hi all

selecting parts for my build and in some doubt here:

I was looking at cams choice and wanted to go for Kelford 246-A which is :262/262 dur 9.30mm/9.30mm lift.

however I emailed Kelford and they told me to go 246-A2 which is 262/272 dur 9.30mm/9.35mm lift


RB30 CP/SPOOL 9.0/1

RB25 spec 1 Head , keep hydro lifters

Garrett GT3582R 1.01AR

50mm turbosmart gate

6boost mani

98 street fuel

S13 chassis


street , fun , skids , i dont want big power high in the revs

my doubt is powerband will be to far in the rev range , i would like to keep it halfway in the rev range

i've done 256/256 tomeis in CA and SR engines with small turbos and that ideal for the streets. 264/264 tomei allready where to high in the revs to be fun on the street imo

input and experience more then welcome

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