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What brands/models do you guys recommend for engine building tools? I don't need the very best, but I don't mind paying for quality since these are tools that should last a lifetime. I already purchased Mitutoyo Micrometers and ARP Rod Bolt Stretch Gauge. This is probably overkill, but I didn't want to cheap out since I'm already investing so much time/money in the build anyways and this is peace of mind for me knowing that I'm getting the correct measurements. Any recommendations for similar or slightly less quality than these brands would be awesome. Thanks!

1. Digital Scale

2. Bore Gauge

3. Ring File (electric)

4. Dial Gauge & Magnetic Base

5. Rod Balancing Stand

Quick question. Is .0005 accurate enough or do I need to find tools that measure out to .0001?

It's hard for me to recommend a brand as there are so many that will be absolutely fine for your requirements, and some brands are not available in certain parts of the world. Our particular bore gauge is an 'In Size' brand and we use a Total Seal electric ring file, although I believe that particular ring file is branded and sold under a variety of names. I've also used a pro form electric ring file which was pretty good and about half the price of the Total Seal unit. The rod balancing stand I use is from Jegs and is just a generic stand with no brand. Have a search on their website and you'll find it.

0.0005" is adequate for what you will be doing.

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