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Rod Bearing Clearance 4g63/4g64

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Hey guys i'm looking for some quick advice! Any help is appreciated :)

I'm putting together a 2.4 4g64 for a customer, this engine should only see about 350-400whp on a stock Evo 9 Turbo.

I'm measuring out the rod bearing clearance with a KING XP std size bearing and i'm at about 0.0030" on all four rods. The mains in this block all measured out to 0.0024" using STD size bearings. 0.0030" is slightly looser on the rods than what i'd want for this engine, i was thinking of going to a 0.026mm OVERSIZED bearing so i end up at 0.0020" on all the rods. So i'd end up with 0.0024" on the mains and 0.0020" on the rods. Is this acceptable for a 400whp build?


You're right, 0.003" is a little loose for my liking. I generally aim for 0.002" on the big ends and 0.0025" on the mains and that has worked well for me.

That perfect than! Thanks for the quick reply Andre, greatly appreciated!