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Scored Pistons - Trash?

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I'm looking to buy a set of used pistons for an older engine I'm building. There is some minor scoring on the piston skirts. Are these trash or can I clean these up and reuse them?

If clean and reuse, how do you clean this up? Any impact to their ability to hold compression?


They're not perfect but this is typical of pistons with high milage. Often the scoring is just superficial and more visual than anything. Once you can start to feel marks when you run a fingernail across them it's time to consider replacements. Lf course this all comes down to your expectations though. If you're looking to make high power and want a long lifespan it's probably worth considering new pistons. If you're not doing anything too crazy and just want to save cost then you're probably fine. You can use green scotchbrite to clean up minor marks on the piston skirts but it won't get rid of scratches. I'd also check that the skirt dimensions are within manufacturers tolerances before you use them. Assuming all checks out then they won't negatively impact the ability to get a good ring seal.