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Scratched pistons

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Thank you guys!

P2W clearance was tight. Clearance was 0,046mm. Specification sheet says 0,0762.

Is it that problem?

Thank you.


Hi Joseph,

I have built a friends H22, with same darton dry sleeves, running great I thing for 2 years now, pushing 20 psi on a PTE6262, Your problem is from tight clearances that is for sure, did you check them before it was put back together?

He runs Arias pistons and I went .0045" P2W, I know CP's has p2w built in bore specs sheet, so it they tell you to bore to XX size the p2w clearance will be accounted on the size, unlike arias or wiseco that I use the most where P2W needs to be calculated for X power,

I would think that whomever clearanced your block did not a good job, the only way to fix that would be to check bore for out of round, hone, check bore size buy the appropriate piston size, hand over piston specs card and ask for a build sheet or make sure you witness the actual p2w,

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