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Selecting the throttle size

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I need some advice in choosing the right throttle size.

I'm currently building an LS7 with a Whipple supercharger for drift car BMW E46. Previously, it had a mechanical throttle FAST 102mm, the power was 850 horsepower. Now there is a desire to install an electronic throttle, in order to better dose the torque. Initially, I wanted to put the stock LS3 throttle 90mm, but maybe I will raise the power to 950 + horsepower. Will the 90mm throttle be enough, or do you still need to install 102mm?

To what power is a 90 mm throttle sufficient?

Thanks in advance

Hello, no it will not do the job and will starve the engine from experience. you will need at least 100mm

Regards Ross

Thank you, Ross.

I’m interested how many horsepower I can get using 90mm throttle body on supercharged LS7 engine.

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