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I am currently seeking advice/opinions on mounting locations for the following:

Engine: 2JZGTE

1. MAP Sensor - Typically, I was going to mount it directly to the intake manifold, however I've read that vibrations from the engine under high load may affect the reading of some MAP sensors, I am using an AEM 3.5 bar sensor. Would be be wise to feed a hose from the intake to a MAP sensor mounted directly on the chassis/firewall?

2. Same question above applies to the boost solenoid (currently mounted on my water pump housing).

The short answer is yes, vibration can result in failure of sensors and actuators. The reality is that I've mounted IAT and MAP sensors to the plenum on multiple cars over my career and I've yet to experience a failure so I'd say it's not an absolute essential. I've never personally mounted a boost control solenoid to the engine myself but the same goes really. If anything I'd imagine that a sensor would be more prone to vibration related failure than an actuator but that's just a 'feel-pinion' and not based on any solid data.

Thanks for clarifying that Andre! keep up the great work.

can i just hijack slightly, with lots of entry level ecu's being used on board MAP, is there any advantage to a standalone map sensor? assuming they are equal pressure ranges.

does a long length of vacuum hose effect anything enough to warrant swapping to a standalone map sensor?

I've honestly never seen any latency from an onboard MAP sensor. I always strive however to use a vac hose with a small ID to minimise the volume in the line to the ECU.