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Shiny Oil during Inspection

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Hi All

I have an older Radical SR3 with the powertec hayabusa 1500 stroked engine. I cut open my oil filter and am seeing a lot of metallic particles in the filter canister (the drained oil is clean). They are non-magnetic. I’m worried it is bearings, but also wondering if it could be clutch since it shares the same sump. See attached pictures

Any thoughts or suggestions of what this could be? Should I send oil out for testing to see if it is copper (which I would assume is bearings)?

Or is it just time to disassemble the engine to inspect? I have experience with GSXR 600 motors but not familiar with all the Radical specific upgrades of the motor.

Attached Files

My advice would be to 100 percent pull the engine down that looks very much ike bearing material, prevent and possible failure.

As Ross said, and it'll be cheaper in the long run.

If you can, get the oil tested, if you don't know of a company, talk to your local heavy machinery dealers about adding your test sample to their regular testing samples (pretty much all heavy machinery companies require testing when doing oil changes as part of their warranty requirements).

Thanks for the help Gord and Ross. Looks like I’ll be pulling the motor then. Has anyone on the forums worked on radical motors before?

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