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Small end / bore lubrication with dry sump engine

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What are your thoughts on small end / bore lubrication in a dry sump engine with NO oil squirters?

I have a RB30 dry sump engine without oil squirters & a history of bore & little end wear. The wear maybe attributable to other issues however id like to understand if the dry sump could be causing it.

Other factors:

Running Spool conrods with reliefs in big end to direct oil to little end & bore

Recently reduced vacuum by fitting open breathers in cam covers

4 stage weiver pump runs relatively low oil pressure 30 idle, 60-70psi 5500rpm (pump adjusted to max)

Heat exchanger runs oil on the cool side, 85 normal, 90 full load. (engine is in boat)

Hi Rob, this isn't an issue I've personally seen but since the dry sump scavenge pumps are intended to remove oil from the crank case, there will be less oil mist available for pin lubrication if you don't have under piston oil squirters. You may find that reducing the vacuum in the sump helps with this but forced pin oiling or under piston oil squirters are probably a better solution if you can retro fit them.