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Sr20 sleeved block and billet main caps

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My questions are;

For a 550-650 bhp sr20vet is running a sleeved block overkill? And also been reading mixed opinions on billet main caps and when/where standard main caps have their limit in terms of power? I understand for reliability billet main caps are great but for me are they necessary.

im of the opinion of sleeving the block and fitting main caps but interested to hear what others have experienced.

Couldn't comment on the sleeves but as for the main caps check if they have a threaded hole in the bottom on them as they are likely to crack at around than 400kw.

Here is a link of red sun motorsports talking about it. Skip to 3:30

Thanks for the response.

I have seen them talking about that but also seen people run standard caps with no issues. I guess it’s just a pre caution thing. Better to have the peace of mind they won’t break