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SR20DET Black Top (s15)

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Hi all, fairly new to this website and have enjoyed the course so far, i have always wanted to take on my own project and have a built reliable motor.

I was wondering if Andre was doing or has done a build with a SR20DET black top out of a s15 without the VE head conversion for around the 300-350 kw mark running with a E85/98 octane flex fuel setup ? Is there a demonstration on what to do with that head and parts required as in the practical demonstration we don't really see what happens with the head as it was pre-assembled. What kind of build can we achieve with the head from a SR20DET black top (s15) if we are forging the block as shown in the courses example.

any advise is much appreciated.

Hello Lucus yes he has built many of these engines as have a lot of guys on here myself included

300- 350kw is achievable no issue, 300kw can be made on e85 with just a cam and valve spring change to the head no porting needed, forge the bottom end. arp studs in the bottom and top and the right turbo etc

First what you want to achieve as far as its use like road track drifting what power range you want to be using and what rpm you are expecting the boost to come on by

Regards Ross

Thank you for your reply. I am going to apologise in advance for the following rant :)

I was after Something that would be used on the road but can handle days at the track with the engine less likely to run into issues arising.

Having a flex tune setup would allow me to have that extra flexibility and drive it on the road to get around when needed, but on track days run the E85 for the higher output and safety. This would be monitored by a Haltech platinum pro ECU tuned with boost by gear. and running lower boost when running the 98 octane fuel.

Power wise i would aim for the 300-350 RWKW 25-30 psi boost. range and 8000 RPM ( planing on using the same bore and stroke @ 86mm and the OEM Crank)

no stroker kit.

So i guess what i am after with these goals in mind is what parts do i need for the head work? and would i follow the procedures shown in the 2JZ worked examples in the course ?

what compression ratio would i use.

Is there any advantage of running a staggered cam for e.g 264in/272excams how much lift would i use 11 mm ?

and what would i need to do to ensure lubrication demands are met ?

I can rattle of a list of what i think i need and see if i am in the ballpark. let me know what you think. im unsure what parts from the head i can re use potentially and what parts i will need to get aftermarket.

i greatly appreciate any advice you can offer me as i want to get this right and reliable.

Tomei 264 intake cam

Tomei 272 exhaust cam

Tomei adjustable cam gears

Tomei valve springs

Tomei retainers

Tomei rocker arm stoppers

rocker arms ?

ARP Head studs

ARP Main studs

Tomei Head Gasket 1.2 mm

OEM sr20DET engine Gasket Kit

CP Forged piston and rings set

H-Beam connecting rods Forged Nitto

Oil Pump ? timing cover ?

Baffled Sump

water pump ?

Timing chain OEM

Low Temp Thermostat NISMO

Harmonic Balancer ATI

GTX3071R .86 rear housing

45 mm external wastegate

please let me know what you think or if i have missed anything or on the wrong track.

i have done my own research so i could be wrong with certain things.

would appreciate any advice you could give me to help me complete my project with the best results.

thank you for your assistance.

I would recommend not running the Tomei valve train parts and to talk to Kelford’s instead.

Thanks for your input.

I can be flexible with the brands but what i am more concerned with is just getting the correct parts for the build to achieve my goals.

I wanted to reach out and use the knowledge and experience here in the forums to see if i may have overlooked anything that could potentially give me issues later. i want to try and do it right the first time.

I can't comment about the rest, but may also be a good time to consider the flywheel and clutch assembly you're going to be using, as it'll need to be balanced with the rest of the bottom end?

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